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SAACC ZOOM Instructions

Friday, Vespers Link: 


Saturday, Women’s Ministry Link:


Saturday, Sabbath School & Divine Service Link: 


Zoom worship Information:

1. The meeting will open at 7:20 PM PST, every Friday evening, 9:00 am Saturday morning for Women’s Ministry and at 10:20 am for Sabbath School and Divine Service at 11:30am.

    a) All microphones will be muted at 7:30 PM PST on Friday and 10:30 AM for Sabbath School and 11:30 am for Divine service on Saturday.

    b) Please be on time.

2. Identify yourself when you join the call, by typing your name in at the prompt. This helps us with security and privacy efforts to keep everyone safe online.

3. To ensure optimal audio during meeting:

    a) If at all possible, when joining individually please use HEADPHONES/EARBUDS for clear audio and cancelling out background noise.

    b) If joining as a family or group, make sure the laptop is close to you so we can hear you.

    c) If there are multiple family members in the home who want to join individually, each member must be in a different room to avoid AUDIO ECHO.

4. Be aware that there are sometimes time delays or lags. Sometimes a voice does not keep up with the screen or vice versa. Patience is still a great Zoom Church trait. 

5. When you dial in by audio, via a smartphone, it will sometimes prompt you to enter YOUR NAME, please do so as it helps us keep track of everyone on the call.

6. For reasons of security, please do NOT post this Zoom call info to your public social media profiles. Non-members/visitors are very welcome. If possible, please let the host or co-host know if you have invited someone to join us.

7. Other than service leaders/participants, all microphones will be muted so that we can avoid feedback. If the message is a discussion, we welcome your views and opinions, so please feel free to chime in.

8. Please feel free to sing along to the hymns although only the song service leader will be unmuted.

9. You’ll be able to interact by typing into the chat feature. You may use this to request special prayer or prayer of praise/thanksgiving. Please be brief in your description.

10. You are welcome to turn off your camera if you prefer during the Service. You may turn it on at the end of the Vespers, during SS break and after the Divine service. If you do however have your video on throughout the Service, please use proper etiquette.


Proper Etiquette

Dress appropriately; Don’t wear your pajamas.

Stage your video area. Keep in mind that people aren’t just seeing you, they’re also seeing whatever the camera is pointed at behind you.

More light is better. Video quality is dramatically improved with more lighting. An extra nearby lamp is usually helpful. Just make sure the light is in front of you, not behind you - being backlit makes you harder to see.

Try to look into the camera. If you’re presenting or speaking to a group, looking into the camera will give the appearance of eye contact with whoever you’re talking to.

Stay on mute if you’re not talking. Background noise can be really distracting. If you aren’t sharing anything now, go ahead and hit mute until you do share.

Don’t eat during the meeting. It’s not appropriate to watch other people eat sometimes. Or listen to them chewing, for that matter. Hold off if you can, or if not, turn off the video and audio.

Don’t do other private things while on a meeting. It can be easy to forget that people can hear or see you, so don’t risk it!

Stay focused. Stay on task and keep unnecessary conversations to a minimum. It can get extremely hard to be productive when several people are all talking at once, and even more so when overlapping audio and shuffling video screens are involved.